The Event

Step One: Select a Kit

Our Kits are designed to meet international and U.S. needs. Based on your group, you may choose to assemble International Hygiene Kits or Promise Packs for an international response, and Hygiene Kits, SchoolTools or Women’s Hope Kits to make an impact in the U.S. (even in your own community).

Step 2: Order Your Kit Material

When you select a kit page you can fill out the order form and begin the order process!

The suggested lead time for ordering is at least 3 weeks.

Step 3: Receive Kit Products

Your Kits will be delivered by a large truck to your event location in coordination with "Kits For Kidz". Kits are delivered on a pallet(s) in bulk boxes that are shrink wrapped. Depending on the amount of Kits you order, this will be a minimum of 1 pallet and can go up from there.

Step 4: Assembly Day, "The Event"!

This is the day your team has been waiting for! Gather your volunteers, build your kits, write a personal note and MAKE AN IMPACT FOR GOOD in someone’s life.

Step Six: Pick Up Assembled Kits

After your event, you will have assembled Kits in many loose or stacked boxes that will need to be picked up. You can either coordinate distribution locally (see FAQS), or World Vision will schedule the pick-up with our vendor. Email to request a pick-up. Please be on-site and have some volunteers help to make the process go smoothly. The pick-up cost is covered by World Vision.

Note: Pick-up can only be scheduled Monday-Friday, so please consider this when planning your event.

The Best Step: Lasting Impact

Your group can experience the joy of knowing that you changed a person's life by donating your time to build a kit and write a personal note of encouragement to someone who may never have the chance to say Thank You.