Frequently Asked Questions

What does the cost of each Kit include?

Payment will be to Kits For Kidz and includes the materials, boxes for your completed Kits, shipping, and handling to arrive at your site.

Are there other costs involved?

There are a few other costs to consider when hosting an event – printed materials including the notecards, office supplies such as packing tape, box cutters, pens, etc. and any other costs that may be involved with the location where you are hosting your event.

How do we pay for the Kits?

Payment will be directly to Kits For Kidz when you order the materials.

How far in advance do I need to order?

Please order at least three weeks in advance of your assembly date. Kit contents will be shipped directly to the location you indicate.

How long does an average kit assembly event take?

This depends on a number of variables, but the time of the kit build can be tailored to your specific event program. If you have 45 minutes or even a couple of hours, a kit assembly event is a great hands-on activity to help those in need.

Some of the variables include:

  • Number of kits
  • Number of participants
  • Number of assembly lines
  • Length of program before Kit assembly
How many Kits can a group assemble?

Assembly of one Kit is around 3-5 minutes and largely depends on the amount of time each participant takes to write and/or decorate their notes. We suggest that each participant assemble around 5 Kits each for the best experience.

How many Kits can I order?

You may order any amount of Kits that you would like. No order is too large. We do require that you order in increments of 50 up to 300. After 300 kits you may order any amount you wish such as 313, 542, 1013, etc..

How long does it take to set up?

The amount of Kits you order will dictate how long set-up will be and how many volunteers you will need. For example: 50-100 Kit event, we suggest 1-1.5 hours with 2-3 volunteers and for a 500 Kit event we would suggest 2-2.5 hours with 6-8 volunteers.

How are the Kits distributed?


  • Once the International Hygiene Kits and/ or Promise Packs are assembled and packed for shipping, World Vision will schedule a pick-up at the event location. Request pick-up by emailing GIKOffers@worldvision.org. The Kits are sent to World Vision’s distribution center in Pittsburgh, where they are prepared for international shipping; they are then transported to a port and shipped overseas. After clearing customs, the Kits are trucked to World Vision offices and distributed in country. The entire process takes anywhere from three to six months.


  • Your group can decide to keep the Hygiene Kits, SchoolTools backpacks or Women’s Hope Kits and organize a distribution with a local school, shelter or other organization. Or, World Vision will arrange a pick-up to send them back to World Vision to distribute to schools/ communities in need. Request pick-up by emailing GIKOffers@worldvision.org.
Can I choose where the Kits will be distributed?


  • When your group assembles 1,000 or more Promise Packs or International Hygiene Kits, you may choose to designate your kits to a specific country. When coordinating pick-up with GIKOffers@worldvision.org, we will let you know if your desired recipient country is able to receive the shipment.


  • If you choose to keep your Kits you can decide where to distribute them. Many groups look for Title 1 schools to distribute SchoolTools backpacks, local homeless shelters for Hygiene Kits or safe house shelters for Women’s Hope Kits.
Which Kit is right for my group?

Our Kits are designed to meet international and U.S. needs. Based on your group, you will choose to assemble a Kit to make an impact in the U.S. or in your own community. As the event host/ coordinator, you will have the best insight for what will appeal most to your group and the type of impact they would like to make.

What are the responsibilities of an event host / coordinator?

This person will be the point of contact and responsible for all event details. For an overview of responsibilities, click here.

How are my Kit products delivered?

Your Kit product will be sent in bulk boxes on pallet(s) delivered by a large truck. Depending on the amount of Kits you order, this will be a minimum of one pallet and can go up from there. Kit for Kidz will be able to give you an estimated amount of pallet(s) you should expect to receive once you register for your event.

Do I have to be onsite to accept the product delivery?

Yes. You, or another designated person will need to be at your delivery site to accept the pallet(s). It is important that inventory be taken soon after delivery so you can request any missing or damaged items with Kits for Kidz.

How many people do I need to receive the product delivery?

Depending on the amount of pallet(s) you are to receive, we recommend you have at least 2-3 people per 50-200 kits and 4-5 people for 250 kits or more. The truck company is instructed to have a lift gate and pallet jack, but may or may not transport into your specific storage/ event location.

How much space do I need to store my Kits?

A pallet of approximately 100 Kits is pictured here, so you will want to be able to store the product in a secure place. Coordinate delivery timing with Kits For Kidz. You will want to make sure you have a location that can accommodate the product from delivery until post-event pick-up.

How are the Kits picked up after my event?

Email GIKOffers@worldvision.org to coordinate pick-up. Depending on how many Kits you’ve assembled, a loose box pick-up or a boxes stacked on a pallet(s) pick-up will be scheduled with our vendor. The pick-up can only be scheduled Monday-Friday, so you will want to have space to accommodate the completed Kits. The pick-up cost will be covered by World Vision.

If you are distributing your Kits, you will want to coordinate directly with the designated organization to pick-up the completed Kits or make arrangements to deliver them.

Can I gather products and donate these back to World Vision on my own?

World Vision Kits have standard products that we utilize for Kit events and it is important that each recipient receives the same type of item, especially when a group of people are receiving the Kits at the same time. The group is free to personalize their note of encouragement, but we ask that they use the items that are purchased through Kits for Kidz.
However, if you have a product donation for our U.S. work, please visit our U.S. Programs website to locate the closest storehouse to you.

What if I'm not in the United States? Can I still host an event?

Our Kit program is not able to facilitate events if a group is located outside of the 50 U.S. states. For more information about our international work, please visit the World Vision website.

Still have questions?

We would love to answer your questions and assist you on how to host a great event. Please use the form below to contact us if you have questions or need assistance.