World Vision Kits

A Kit Build is Simple!

Choose a Kit. Assemble it with your group. Impact the community & your group.

Start by Choosing a Kit

There are multiple Kits to choose from that serve the different needs in every community

Elementary Backpack Kit

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Child Hygiene Kit

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Deluxe Feminine Hygiene Kit

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In a world overwhelmed by the horrors of poverty, abuse, and natural disasters
people all around us are asking the question,

“Does anyone see me, does anybody care?”

The answer is a resounding YES!

The Kit program empowers companies, churches, organizations, and groups, large and small, to purchase pre-selected supplies, which are requested by our field offices. Groups assemble the supplies into individual kits which are then either returned to World Vision for distribution or distributed by the donors within their community. Participants who build World Vision Kits experience how their charitable giving comes to life: to see, touch and feel how one simple act of generosity can light up an entire community.